Stickit Accessories Kit

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This kit contains replacement parts for your Stickit Tile Repair Kit

2 x 2mm Carbide Drill Bits

2 x 16g x 25mm Aluminum Injection Needles

2 x Rubber Injection Plugs


For best drilling results, use a medium speed, light pressure and regularly lift the drill to clear debris away from the drill hole. Avoid bending, slow and very high speed drilling, and forcing the drill downwards. In most cases our carbide drills will remain sharp after drilling large number of holes.

We are frequently contacted by customers who have broken drill bits. When developing our kit we sought the highest quality carbide bits available to suit a wide range of materials. Our drills are made from solid carbide with 10% cobalt and are the hardest possible drill bit available. These are an expensive item as we have these custom made to provide a snug fit for the 1.6mm OD injection needle we supply with our kit. If you require a replacement drill urgently you may find you can source a 3mm multipurpose twist drill bit at a local hardware store which may be suitable if your grout joints are 3mm or wider but these will typically become blunt quickly drilling through harder materials like concrete and grout.

We have selected a carbide twist drill as these can be used with any portable drill and are suited to drilling concrete, grout, stone, ceramic and a wide range of materials. Diamond drill bits may be considered for very hard porcelain tiles but these typically require drilling speeds of 10,000-15,000 RPM at 2mm diameter which would require a spindle or 'Dremel' type tool - portable drills will not provide the required speed. 


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