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Shalex Glaze is a high-performance water based clear sealer designed to enhance and protect a wide variety of porous surfaces on both residential and commercial projects.


Glaze is a new generation coating providing the performance benefits normally only found in commercial sealers in a ‘user friendly’ water-based product.


Glaze is especially suited to sealing and protecting porous horizontal and vertical masonry surfaces such as clay, concrete and brick pavers, sandstone and concrete. 


Glaze’s low odour, rapid dry and unique self-crosslinking formulation make it ideal for sealing and protecting a wide range of interior surfaces such as interior bricks, blocks, stone and timber.


Glaze dries to a mid-sheen finish and provides a smooth washable surface, that reduces dust and protects from stains, spills and reduces the ability of moulds, algae and lichen to discolour the surface. 


Glaze may be used both on indoor and outdoor surfaces with confidence.

Glaze is a UV stable pure acrylic designed to provide many years of service in the harshest conditions.


It is safe to use, has a low VOC formulation exceeding all environmental regulations and is very low odour making it ideal for application in enclosed spaces or for those with sensitivity to harsh chemicals and odours.


Based on a self-crosslinking nano-polymer, Glaze has excellent early resistance to water whitening and when cured will remain clear even when submerged under water for extended periods.


Trials have shown Glaze has excellent chemical, alkaline and efflorescence resistance and making it ideal for sealing and protecting floors and paths.


Glaze is non-yellowing and enhances colour and substrate appearance. 

If you are using Glaze on horizontal or sloped areas which may become slippery when wet, it is recommended to use an anti-slip additive to help improve grip.


Consider using some of our Anti-Slip Powder which can be found on the Accessories page of our website.

With the applicator in mind, Glaze is quick drying and provides for ‘wet on wet’ application. It has excellent resistance to alkaline substrates allowing for application over ‘hot’ concrete well before traditional coatings could be applied.


Being a water-based coating Glaze can also be applied over damp concrete. Higher sheen levels can be achieved by applying additional coats giving the applicator greater flexibility to achieve the perfect finish.

Hot surfaces may cause Glaze to dry prematurely. We recommend applying the first coat when the temperature is below 25°C to allow penetration into the substrate before drying occurs.


Alternatively, wash down the surface and apply Glaze while the surface is still damp (but not visibly wet).



Multiple coats of Glaze may be applied but drying time for each coat will increase. Do not leave for extended periods between coats as this may increase this risk of adhesion failure as Glaze cures and fully hardens over 48 - 72 hours.


Glaze is not suitable for exterior timber exposed to sun and rain eg. decking, as movement may cause cracking and lead to delamination of coating.


Glaze is not suitable for application over plastics, aluminium, porcelain, glazed tiles or natural stone.

Suitable For


Fibre cement sheeting
Concrete tilt panels
Leaking balconies
Cement render
Concrete slabs
Terracotta pots
Undercoats / sealer
Concrete ponds
Terracotta pots and ornaments
Timber (*not suitable for exterior decking applications)
Plywood, MDF & particle board flooring

Leaking showers
Sealing screeds
Fibro Roofs
Wet areas
Garage floors
Clay, brick and concrete pavers
Concrete & terracotta roof tiles



Glaze is not suitable for application over previously sealed concrete, e.g. stencilled concrete.


Most driveways are sealed with a 'wet-look' solvent based sealer and these sealers are not compatible with Glaze as the solvents may prevent adhesion, curing and cross linking, even after many years.


Customers are advised to consider the information in this data sheet in the context of how the product will be used, including surfaces and any other products used. The information provided in this data sheet represents our best scientific and practical knowledge. Any advice, information or assistance provided by Shalex in relation to its products is given in good faith, however, is provided without liability or responsibility.

Due to the wide variety of site conditions we are unable to assume liability for any loss that may arise from the use of our products. The user is responsible for checking the suitability of products for their intended use.

Shipping Information

Glaze is a water based membrane and not classified as a dangerous good for transportation. We can ship this product to all areas via postal services and have express courier options for selected locations. Add this product to your cart and use the estimate shipping and tax feature to view shipping charges to your location.

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