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Shalex Concrete Bond is a new generation high performance acrylic admixture and bonding agent designed to improve the durability, strength and adhesion of concrete.


Concrete Bond can be used as an admix in the preparation of slurries, toppings, screeds, mortars, renders or concrete and will greatly improve cohesive strength, flexibility, adhesive strength and water resistance. 


When mixed with cement, Concrete Bond forms a strong yet flexible bond and provides a key for cements and mortars over non-porous substrates.

Concrete resurfacing mixes or paints made with concrete bond exhibit exceptional flexibility, strength and adhesion.

Unlike many inferior PVA based additives that re-emulsify when wet, Concrete Bond has outstanding water resistance and may be used as a sealer or general bonding agent without mixing with cement.


Concrete Bond can be used to consolidate and strengthen loose or friable masonry surfaces such as crumbling mortars, screeds and renders. It is non-oxidising, UV stable and dries to a clear finish.


Concrete Bond is compatible with most acrylic tile adhesives and is designed to work in high pH environments and on ‘green’ substrates.

  • Flexible concrete resurfacing
  • Admix for rendering over sealed surfaces
  • Repairs to concrete, grouts and mortars
  • Splash or key coat prior to rendering
  • Flexible toppings for driveways or paths
  • Use as a tile adhesive
  • Bedding mortars for roofing
  • Improve water resistance and adhesion of grouts and renders
  • Economical concrete sealer for dusty surfaces
  • Bonding timber, joinery and crafts
  • Complies with AS14781 - chemical mixes for concrete
  • More than doubles flexural strength, impact resistance and bond strength of mortars and concrete
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superior bond strength
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • Cost effective concentrated formula with broad range of uses

Concrete Bond will delay curing by retarding evaporation. If using accelerants or quick set cement this should be considered.


While Concrete Bond is compatible with a wide range of accelerants, tests are advised prior to large scale application to assess performance, curing time, optimal dosage rates, etc.



The use of Concrete Bond at high concentrations will improve strength, water repellence and adhesion; but may reduce the workability of the render making it 'stickier' and harder to both screed and float.


Concrete Bond will assist in controlling cracking and is useful when applying thin section renders over substrates that may exhibit movement.




Please note that important advice is contained in the Application Guide via the link below.



Customers are advised to consider the information in this data sheet in the context of how the product will be used, including surfaces and any other products used. The information provided in this data sheet represents our best scientific and practical knowledge.


Any advice, information or assistance provided by Shalex in relation to its products is given in good faith, however, is provided without liability or responsibility. Due to the wide variety of site conditions we are unable to assume liability for any loss that may arise from the use of our products. The user is responsible for checking the suitability of products for their intended use.

Shipping Information

Concrete Bond is a water based sealer and not classified as a dangerous good for transportation. We can ship this product to all areas via postal services and have express courier options for selected locations. Add this product to your cart and use the estimate shipping and tax feature to view shipping charges to your location.

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