Stickit Tile Repair Kit - not just another glue in a tube!

Published by Shalex on 14th Sep 2015

We are often asked about other tile repair products on the market for repairing loose or hollow tiles. While there are alternatives available you'll find they just don't provide the solution you need and have major drawbacks compared to our Stickit Tile Repair Kit

Stickit is a product developed after years of research and field trials. During this lengthy development and testing process we did consider a syringe or caulking gun style system for delivery of the adhesive which is what some other tile repair products use. We found these methods had major drawbacks, and so did our tilers and builders testing Stickit on varied repairs from small to large scale projects. So we set about overcoming those drawback and after much trial and error we developed the tile repair kit we have today.

The main issue we found with other methods is the ease of use for the applicator – hand fatigue from squeezing a trigger or pushing a syringe becomes a problem if you have many holes to inject. Stickit provides a convenient pressure pack with simple thumb control for on/off and for controlling the rate of flow. This results in much better flow control during injection with less mess and less waste. The pressure pack sits on the ground and there is no need to hold a bulky and heavy caulking gun or continually refill a smaller syringe. Stickit Tile Repair Kits come in a 1ltr and 5ltr pressure pack sizes which provide a continuous supply to allow you to inject large volumes of adhesive in a short space of time with no fatigue - a real time saver for the contractor, and remember time is money!

Another key drawback of caulking guns is they are designed for thick viscous products and have a tendency to keep flowing unless you release the pressure on the plunger. Those of you who have ever applied silicone with a caulking gun know only too well how difficult it can be to stop the flow when you need to - but with a tile repair adhesive you can't just jam a nail or screw in the end of the tube! Stickit is a specially formulated adhesive with low viscosity and designed to flow and wet out the cavity under the tiles. Just imagine how difficult it would be to control a large caulking tube with a low viscosity adhesive - drips and dribbles everywhere, a real mess.

While syringes are a little more precise than a caulking gun these are typically only available in smaller sizes up to around 200ml, making for a lot or refilling to cover a decent sized repair job. You'll also find trying to draw up a thick adhesive through a needle back into a syringe is like watching grass grow - a real time waster. Further,  if you pull too hard on the plunger to hurry up the process you can dislodge the rubber from the plunger and it gets stuck in the barrel - more wasted time and mess.

Both syringes and caulking guns are also less precise in where you can inject as they are directional - ie the barrel needs to be pointed in the same direction as the needle,  so injecting overhead, in tight spaces or around obstacles is often not possible with a large syringe or a bulky caulking gun. With Stickit Tile Repair Kit we've designed a flexible hose so you can inject into the tightest places like under sinks and right up against skirting boards. With Stickit you can also get up close to the injection hole and needle to see what is happening at ground level, giving you a better gauge on how much adhesive is flowing into each injection point.

Each Stickit Kit comes with a specially designed injection needle and 2mm carbide twist drill. With only 1.6mm outside diameter our needle is a perfect fit for the very small 2mm injection hole. Caulking tubes tend to have a much larger nozzle and require an injection hole typically 4mm or more - not very precise, and much harder to disguise the injection hole compared to our tiny 2mm hole . To complete the solution we've developed a specially designed rubber plug that allows you to seal the gap around the injection hole, so you can create much more pressure than you ever could just trying to stuff a plastic caulking tube end in a larger hole. The tip angle on our injection needle also allows you to direct flow by turning the needle - syringes and caulk tubes push the adhesive in a 360 degree radius with no directional control.

So next time you consider the alternatives when repairing loose tiles - don't cut corners, Stickit Tile Repair Kit is the only tile repair solution giving you full control in a convenient and simple ready to use kit.