Re-lay or Re-glue loose tiles?

Published by Shalex on 12th Aug 2015

To re-lay or to re-glue loose tiles - that is the question!

Something isn't right with your floor tiles. They may look fine but the tell tale knocking or hollow sound when you walk on them tells you there's a problem. You call the builder or contractor and they give you the bad news - your tiles have de-bonded or become drummy. The response is usually the same - they'll have to come up and be re-laid, that is the only way to fix the problem. You consult an expert, talk to the folks at the tile or hardware store - the answer is still the same - rip up the tiles, re-lay them and re-grout.

The problem is that the tiles you have aren't made any more. In fact the tiler or builder was so good at cleaning up after the job there isn't a single spare tile left lying around. So you ask the question...what if a tile breaks when you take them up to re-lay them......and the response is......Houston - we have a problem!

So how do you fix loose tiles without the risk of breaking them. The answer is Shalex Stickit - a complete DIY tile injection system from Shalex Industries that allows you to drill a small hole, inject a specially formulated tile adhesive and repair the tiles without having to remove or re-lay them.

So if you've been told you can't fix your loose tiles, or worse still you've been quoted a huge sum of money for someone to come and repair your tiles then your answer is Shalex Stickit. The injection kit contains everything you need to do the job yourself - the only tool required is a power drill. It's simple, easy and best of all will save you the cost and headache of the other alternatives.