• Easily Fix Loose or Drummy Render

    14th Jul 2021

    Easily Fix Loose or Drummy Render

    Rendering external walls of buildings and homes is a very common construction method that looks great and allows for any colour paint to be applied to the wall.Rendering or solid plastering masonry wa…

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  • Sealing Brick Pavers

    23rd Jun 2021

    Sealing Brick Pavers

    Brick pavers have been popular among homeowners for many years and are commonly used in areas around the home like patios, porches, paths, and garden steps. As there are many styles and colours of bri…

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  • Why Seal New Concrete

    18th Jun 2021

    Why Seal New Concrete

    After a new concrete driveway has been laid, it is highly recommended you apply a sealer a to help protect it from stains and preserve the appearance by reducing the risk of cracks caused by moisture.…

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  • What Causes Drummy Tiles

    10th Jun 2021

    What Causes Drummy Tiles

    Drummy Tiles is a term used to describe loose or de-bonded tiles and often a hollow sound can be heard when those tiles are walked on or tapped with an object. This sound is an indication that the til…

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  • What Causes A Dam To Loose Water

    3rd Jun 2021

    What Causes A Dam To Loose Water

    A farm dam or pond that is losing water is not only a source of frustration for the owner but can also pose a significant problem to the integrity of the dam.In order for dams and ponds to effectively…

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  • Waterproofing A Canvas Tarpaulin

    28th May 2021

    Waterproofing A Canvas Tarpaulin

    Canvas tarpaulins are often used in applications where a robust and heavy-duty cover is required for protection while being breathable and waterproof.A common example of this is in the transport indus…

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  • DamIt For a Leaking Dam or Pond

    20th May 2021

    DamIt For a Leaking Dam or Pond

    If you have a dam or pond on your property that is losing water, the most common cause is usually seepage through the clay or soil base of the dam.When faced with this problem, there are a few differe…

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  • Easily Fix Loose or Drummy Tiles

    11th May 2021

    Easily Fix Loose or Drummy Tiles

    If you have sections of tiles at your property that have a hollow or drummy sound, or are showing signs of movement, then it’s likely that the tile adhesive underneath is letting go or wasn’t properly…

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  • Why Use A Concrete Bond Compound

    20th Apr 2021

    Why Use A Concrete Bond Compound

    When applying concrete over an existing surface, or performing repairs to a damaged section of cement, the use of a concrete bonding compound will greatly increase the adhesion and strength of the new…

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  • Protecting Natural and Porous Surfaces

    15th Apr 2021

    Protecting Natural and Porous Surfaces

    A question that we often get asked by people that are looking at sealer products to use on natural finish substrates is “Will it change the look of the surface?”As natural or bare surfaces are a popul…

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  • Waterproofing Surfaces

    9th Apr 2021

    Waterproofing Surfaces

    There are a number of reasons why you may need to use a waterproofer to protect surfaces. In particular installing a flexible waterproof membrane under tiled areas where water is going to be present i…

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