• Waterproofing A Horse Rug

    20th Jan 2022

    Waterproofing A Horse Rug

    Horse rugs and blankets are an essential item when it comes to keeping your horse dry and comfortable when it is out in the paddock. These rugs will protect them from the elements and also help them t…

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  • Stop Your Pond From Losing Water

    16th Nov 2021

    Stop Your Pond From Losing Water

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a property with a natural pond or dam, you’ll know how much of a great feature these are to the location and the impact they have on the overall appearance and tranq…

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  • How To Fix Tenting Tiles

    16th Sep 2021

    How To Fix Tenting Tiles

    Tile Tenting is a term used to describe the condition that occurs when floor tiles have started lift or buckle, causing a peaked roof, or tent, shape to form.Tile Tenting will often appear where build…

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  • Sealing and Protecting Sandstone

    2nd Sep 2021

    Sealing and Protecting Sandstone

    Sandstone is a highly versatile natural stone that can be used to create a wide range of products and is commonly used for pavers. However, due to its soft nature, it is very easily shaped and of…

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  • Building an Earthen Dam or Pond

    6th Aug 2021

    Building an Earthen Dam or Pond

    The use of an Earthen Dam or Pond can be a great option on many properties, not only for water storage, but the creation of a pond or dam can create a beautiful aquaculture feature that adds great cha…

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  • Easily Fix Loose or Drummy Render

    14th Jul 2021

    Easily Fix Loose or Drummy Render

    Rendering external walls of buildings and homes is a very common construction method that looks great and allows for any colour paint to be applied to the wall.Rendering or solid plastering masonry wa…

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  • Sealing Brick Pavers

    23rd Jun 2021

    Sealing Brick Pavers

    Brick pavers have been popular among homeowners for many years and are commonly used in areas around the home like patios, porches, paths, and garden steps. As there are many styles and colours of bri…

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  • Why Seal New Concrete

    18th Jun 2021

    Why Seal New Concrete

    After a new concrete driveway has been laid, it is highly recommended you apply a sealer a to help protect it from stains and preserve the appearance by reducing the risk of cracks caused by moisture.…

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  • What Causes Drummy Tiles

    10th Jun 2021

    What Causes Drummy Tiles

    Drummy Tiles is a term used to describe loose or de-bonded tiles and often a hollow sound can be heard when those tiles are walked on or tapped with an object. This sound is an indication that the til…

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  • What Causes A Dam To Loose Water

    3rd Jun 2021

    What Causes A Dam To Loose Water

    A farm dam or pond that is losing water is not only a source of frustration for the owner but can also pose a significant problem to the integrity of the dam.In order for dams and ponds to effectively…

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  • Waterproofing A Canvas Tarpaulin

    28th May 2021

    Waterproofing A Canvas Tarpaulin

    Canvas tarpaulins are often used in applications where a robust and heavy-duty cover is required for protection while being breathable and waterproof.A common example of this is in the transport indus…

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