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Shalex industries started in Melbourne in 1974 with a focus on restoration and waterproofing of roofs and masonry facades in period buildings. Through years of experience with a wide range of masonry substrates a combination of products were trialed in the field, with varying success. Sealit was first developed in 1978 by Mr John Moss and was tested extensively in the field for over 5 years prior to release. A key milestone for the company came in 1983 with the release of Sealit Mulitpurpose product to the trade. Shalex quickly gained a solid reputation for the Sealit waterproofing product and as word of mouth spread from happy customers the product demand increased significantly. Shortly after Shalex relocated to the Sunshine Coast into a purpose built manufacturing facility.

From there Shalex developed a range of Clear Masonry Sealers and gained wide acceptance from retail, trade and government customers.

In 2007 Shalex was amalgamated and relocated into a larger manufacturing facility that produces paints, renders, architectural coatings and waterproofing membranes. Through further product development and research, Shalex is currently introducing a number of improvements to our products based on the latest technologies.


Shalex industries is a specialist manufacturer of clear sealers and waterproofing compounds. With dedicated manufacturing facilities to control product quality Shalex products are manufactured in Australia and distributed throughout Australia and internationally.


Head Office :
+61 7 5529 0277 Telephone:
+61 7 5529 2174 FAX:

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Factory Address 

2/38 Ivan St
Arundel QLD 4214

Postal Address 

P O Box 660
Arundel DC QLD 4214


1300 720 535 Telephone:
(07) 5529 2174 FAX: