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Shalex Industries is an Australian manufacturer of Sealing and Waterproofing products, based on The Gold Coast.

Shalex Industries products include StickIt™ - Tile Repair Injection System; DamIt™ Dam and Pond Sealer; Drive - Solvent-based Concrete Sealer; Glaze - Water-based Sealer; SealIt Multipurpose - Clear Acrylic Waterproofing Compound; WaterproofIt - Class III Waterproofing Membrane; Canvas Cote - Canvas Waterproofing Treatment and RepelIt - Penetrating Sealer.

Shalex Industries sells direct to the customer and through a series of brick and mortar retail stores.

StickIt™ Tile Repair Injection System and DamIt™ Dam and Pond Sealer are available for International Shipping.

Shalex Industries also sells a range of accessories for their products including drill-bits for StickIt™ and Solvent for Drive.

Contact Shalex Industries for your Sealing and Waterproofing needs.

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